Seasonal, romantic floral design, inspired by nature by Hannah Victoria Taylor.

After training in floristry and horticulture in the UK and overseas, I am now in my seventh year of growing flowers on a dairy farm in Nether Kellet, Lancashire.

Each season I nurture as many seeds, bulbs and tubers as possible to create designs for weddings and events. I also offer bouquets and buckets weekly via my online shop, supply funeral flowers locally, and flowers to others in the trade.

My design style is seasonal and romantic. Celebrating the finest flowers of the season is at the heart of each design I create. Many of the flowers I grow can't be found at the flower market, being difficult to source or too fragile to be imported.

I am passionate about providing clients with the finest flowers, and find that British flowers are the best. Scented and seasonal British flowers have an unrivalled beauty, and grown organically are also kind to our planet.

To keep up to date with the farm and studio, follow IXIA Botanicals on Instagram here: @ixiabotanicals

Ixia Botanicals Spring Portfolio 12